Welcome to my website!  I hope you will find inspiration, hope and healing here!  I have devoted my career and my life to helping others, and I hope in the words, articles, interviews and links provided here, you will find help for yourself too.  What I know to be true is that healing from sexual victimization, no matter what age it started or ended, is absolutely possible and achievable!


Howard Fradkin, Ph.D., LICDC has counseled over 2000 male survivors in individual, couples, group psychotherapy and weekend workshops over the course of his 31-year career as a Psychologist. As Co-Chairperson of the MaleSurvivor Weekends of Recovery, (www.malesurvivor.org) Howard has directed over 45 Weekends of Recovery since 2001 for over 1000 men. Dr. Fradkin has also trained over 2500 professional colleagues on the topic of male survivors of sexual abuse. Dr. Fradkin’s first book, Joining Forces: Empowering Male Survivors to Thrive, was published by Hay House in November, 2012.

In November, 2010, Dr. Fradkin was invited and honored to speak as an expert on Oprah’s historic two shows featuring 200 male survivors gathered together to offer hope and inspiration for the millions of survivors around the world.

Dr. Fradkin founded Affirmations: A Center for Psychotherapy and Growth, in Columbus, OH in 1984, where he provides psychotherapy in the areas of trauma recovery for men and women survivors, those struggling with depression and anxiety, alcoholism, drug addiction and sex addiction, sexual orientation confusion and acceptance, people with HIV and AIDS, and group psychotherapy.  He currently serves as Partner Emeritus.

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  1. I don’t understand when a celebrity comes out and spills what happened to them they get the “poor baby” treatment while the rest of us get swept under the rug and face intimidation by the police to protect corporate handlers who might face financial harm if stories get out. Protect churches’ reputations by any means right? There are thousands upon thousands of us why do the police protect the perpetrators and blame the victims????

    • Mark: Part of why I wrote Joining Forces and highlighted the “Silence Breakers” is that each of them is an ordinary guy just like most survivors. Having met some of these famous people who have chosen to disclose their abuse publicly, I can confidently say each of them has displayed great courage as does any survivor who chooses to be public. In general, my experience with them is that this is a very difficult decision, as you will read for instance in Tyler Perry’s foreword in the book. In addition, I think your characterization of their treatment is actually a far cry from their actual experience.

      Another important point is that each of these celebrities is speaking their truth to help other survivors… and in fact, their courage has inspired a lot of men to feel free to speak their truth too. It is especially helpful when men like Keyon Dooling, who recently appeared on Katie! with me, speaks about the struggles as well as offering hope for healing.

      All of us who are survivors who choose to tell our stories deserve a great deal of respect for our courage. The reason I called the book Joining Forces is that I believe it is a responsibility for all of us to join together when we know there is injustice on any front. We have lots of work to do together to support each other, and to help ensure there is justice.

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  3. See you soon. Thank you for the things you do, looking forward to reading the book.

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