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Joining Forces:  Empowering Male Survivors to Thrive is an inspirational new book written to empower male survivors of sexual abuse and assault at any age to develop skills they can use to overcome the effects of their trauma and learn to thrive in their lives.  Visit the pages on this website to learn more about my book.

The book is organized to reflect the critical steps I believe are necessary to heal and fully recover from sexual victimization of any form.  The first part focuses on essential skills needed to begin the healing process; while the second part focuses on additional skills needed to move toward thriving. Throughout the book, I have incorporated the stories and the wisdom of a group of alumni of our weekends program, who I call the “Silence Breakers”.


From MaleSurvivor: The National Organization Against Male Sexual Victimization
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5 thoughts on “Joining Forces

  1. Hello,

    My name is Robin Josef and I am the Founder of LIFE Recovery Council and the Million Ministry Movement against violence. I was just overjoyed to see your book on Tyler Perry’s Face Book Page. We would love to publish an excerpt from your book on our site and in our upcoming newsletter. Please see our site at

    Robin W Josef

    • Hi Robin: I am returning from the 13th international MaleSurvivor conference and will respond later today. You are welcome to reprint any of the book that is already excerpted on this website including Tyler’s beautiful foreword. The introductory chapter is also here let me Know if you any trouble finding it here on this website. It should be the tab under joining forces. All my best to you in your important work. Dr. Howard Fradkin

  2. Praise the lord I found this site I’m a victim of sexual abuse and I’m 53 and still messed up from the damage mainly drinking and drugs, aids and now I’m a anal cancer survivor doing my best to advocate for this cancer and give thanks to the lord for healing me of it, I knew he’s a miracle worker but I was blaming myself I have lot’s of self esteem issues but I’m still here by God’s Grace, Can’t wait to read this book.

    • Calvin: I hope you’ll find hope, healing, a pathway to self forgiveness and thriving in the book. Thanks for your vulnerability in sharing your story.

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